Copy of ms. pMs. P is an experienced (oldish) teacher-librarian who has worked in every level of public education as either a teacher, librarian, or a combination of the two with a dash of mad artist and stray animal rescuer thrown in. She is a googlebrarian and Certified Google for Education Trainer who loves all things collaborative and engaging in tech. 59459674_2191335404281855_5164782706986319872_o

This blog is a place for her to share ideas, resources and recommend books to friends without being a bother when they are trying to study for a test or have a little recess. There will often be posts about things perhaps irrelevant to books but relevant to book lovers or preachy librarians. Sometimes she will invite guest bloggers to tell about a book they love to avoid making everyone tired of hearing about fantasy books and cupcake recipes.

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This little guy was homeless and visited our library for just a bit- we helped him find a forever home. We support PAWS in Kyle with donations to the shelter.IMG_5987

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