reflections on a hobbit hole office

IMG_8830I had to move into a closet last week. I’ve been totally and completely spoiled- I know it. I have had large spaces that have allowed me to hoard– collect items for any possible occasion. Need a pirate hat for Talk Like a Pirate Day, a book on how to build a dinosaur from legos, or a Harry Potter scarf just because? I’m your gal. But this may have to stop…I am now assigned to a closet (not hyperbole, a computer lab closet).  I tried to channel my inner Marie Kondo and work through all of the boxes I hastily packed and I have made progress. Luckily I do have a storage option for now to continue purging.  I’ve accepted that hobbit sized offices can still have a lot of color, personality and have room for old puppets the muggles find creepy. But more than two people in here makes me want to bolt. I may have touched up the paint for the first time in a decade- or not- because painting by anyone other than official painting staff is not allowed. Ahem. But I will say new paint makes anything feel new and clean! So if you had to do some painting at nigh in order to make yourself a little cheerier I would encourage you to get paint that doesn’t smell and give you away and to match the old paint exactly. Here’s to a new start for 2020 in new digs, can’t wait to use the 23 cute notebooks I bought from the back to school section in Target!


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the read deal- writing for an audience

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 2.40.54 PMAs a former fourth grade teacher (in Texas that means writing test writing test writing test) and as a sometimes school newspaper editor, I have always valued authentic writing opportunities as far more valuable for students than out of touch exercises meant to help us pass a test.  When I searched for others who were doing just that- providing data and examples of authentic audience, I found fuel to pursue more real writing goals for kids. This presentation centers on using GSuite tools to help students produce pieces that are intrinsically motivating to publish because they are engaging and they can be shared with people OUTSIDE of the classroom for a real-world feedback session. Have a suggestion? Drop me a note (look, real-world writing). Click the image below to access the slide deck.

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 2.46.55 PM