coloring wall for the holidays

I’ve been making themed coloring murals for a few years now, and I still get a huge kick out of watching kids and adults stop in for a coloring brain break. This year’s holiday one was a bit longer than usual. I have learned to add more small coloring pieces that are LOWer down on the mural for the smaller friends who stop by. And while I have to calm my inner perfectionism when someone colors Santa’s suit pink, the whole thing is quite a mindful, calming practice if done intentionally. Happy coloring.

kindness day 21

This year for kindness day, 11.13.21, our campus is celebrating by wearing cardigans for Mr. Rogers. Crowns 👑 have been added because we are in Texas and can’t always wear a sweater in November. In fact- finding a cardigan for my kids wasn’t the easiest! We will be reading books, creating crowns, and finding ways to use google tools to create. To edit the room below, visit and make a copy. The bitmoji is also linked, so check out the link before replacing with your own bitmoji.

donut day bitroom and coloring celebration

There are a couple of days folks celebrate donuts in the US, but any day is a better day with donuts as far I am concerned! This year we observed Donut Day on November 5th. I made this donut bitroom library to celebrate with some great books and links. Then we had to color a bit, too! You can click the bitroom image and use FILE, make a copy to edit this donutfest! Scroll down to see our donut-inspired coloring break mural posted in the hallway at our elementary campus.