mlk bitmoji library

Like other educators I love literature that helps our students understand the courage and conviction of Dr. King. This library also has a google slide to help them build a collage with words, phrases, and more that show us the character of Dr. King and how others saw him. Click each image for a link to the google slide, make a copy and edit as you like!

december bitmoji rooms and sweater fun

I have to admit that I enjoy making winter bitmoji rooms the MOST. I mean, I actually looked forward to editing my bitmoji’s outfit for winter weather. I really need a vacation in real winter weather! Click on the image to get a copy of the google slide that you can use to make your own copy and edit. Add these to Schoology, share for extension time…whatever works for you! I also have a google drawing file you can pair with the Sweater Slide to have students practice using the shape tool to create a sweater design. Each room has links to read alouds, themed poems, drawing activities and more!