lego wall, if you build it they will make

Our lego wall is up and running and the friends using it have created some interesting items putting it to use.  There are not enough hours in the day to play legos according to many of these hard working builders.  Need inspiration? You can always visit the lego site for some amazing ideas and motivation. We also have a few books with lego inspiration stored around the lego shelves.  Our lego wall has been great for community building and a relaxation destination, but it has also helped us express what we know about what we are reading! Studying insects? It’s a great time to build one to show its body parts. Reading about the weather? Design a cool umbrella or storm cloud structure. Math legoing is easily the best way to see your work on a wall! Come try some perimeter, area, or shape design built by you. The ideas (unlike the legos) are endless. Legos are functional in our library.

Our most frequent customers come on a lego lunch pass with a buddy. A quick bite then off to the wall to build for the rest of their lunch period.

IMG_2112Edward left his mark.


Our official lego wall is up announcement!

Upcycling old book illustrations

Cutting up old books seems almost a crime, but if they’ve been really well worn out and you can escape the guilt, they make some lovely decorations. We have quite a few things planned for some vintage books I’ve collected lately, but I chose some of the boys’ favorites for the blocks we had painted in fun colors already. I decoupaged some of the most colorful characters or favorite bits of two different books so far…now we are looking for the right book for the next few blocks. These came from a 1980’s edition of Dumbo and Danny and the Dinosaur. I used a mix of school glue and water to affix the pictures, then used a matte clear sealant spray for longer wear.img_0769img_0765