new year new coloring mural

After the popularity of a coloring mural for the winter holidays, I decided a fresh start for the new year would be a fun thing to try. I depend upon snowflakes and polar bears to kick off the new year with a fun attitude instead of moping over all of the missing Christmas decorations. ( I was referring to my moping, not necessarily the kids’) I had just a small control issues moment when someone colored the bear in multi hues and scribbled a bit. How did I fix it? I added ear muffs and a scarf. And I feel better about the whole thing. I mean pretty much, other than I thought he would be a polar bear a bit longer. We color in the morning just before class or as a break at recess. Many studies are out there supporting a coloring break for kids and adults! Take one soon.

coloring wall for the holidays

I’ve been making themed coloring murals for a few years now, and I still get a huge kick out of watching kids and adults stop in for a coloring brain break. This year’s holiday one was a bit longer than usual. I have learned to add more small coloring pieces that are LOWer down on the mural for the smaller friends who stop by. And while I have to calm my inner perfectionism when someone colors Santa’s suit pink, the whole thing is quite a mindful, calming practice if done intentionally. Happy coloring.