What I read this summer, a tale in many parts

girl-who-circumnavigated-fairyland-the-20I spent most of my summer reading, whether it was on my ipad, my phone or using a good old fashioned library book like this one that I borrowed from another school in Hays for the summer.  I loved this first book in a series so much I bought the sequel for my iPad! The Girl Who Navigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is a fascinating fantasy full of magical creatures like a dragon who has a library as an ancestor, flying and talking leopards, and people made of soap who want everyone to feel really clean. I have Mrs. Talley to thank for telling me about it first.

September, the heroine of the story, has a challenging journey in fairyland, and it is up to her to rescue the friends she meets along her way. The novel is also beautifully illustrated! Take a look at some below.

The Wyverary 

So, do you want to read this yourself? Did you discover any new series and must reads this summer?