Texas Library Standards

Texas school libraries are essential interactive collaborative learning environments, ever-evolving to provide equitable physical and virtual access to ideas, information, and learning tools for the entire school community.” –TSL
Comfort is the enemy of growth – PT Barnum

Below are examples of my work to address the Texas Library Standards. Links are contained within each strand, other professional experience information is listed here.

Strand 1: Information Literacy: School library programs offer information literacy instruction that enables students to efficiently locate, accurately evaluate, ethically use, and clearly communicate information in various formats.

  • Brainpop Certification- working with patrons to improve instruction with this district digital learning tool
  • PBL planning and coteaching for engaging products to communicate learning (journals & apps example, choice boards)
  • Professional Development for Staff on PBL, digital resources for staff and students to communicate information and learning

Strand 2: Inquiry: School library programs provide access to information for inquiry learning, which includes the pursuit, creation, and sharing of knowledge, as well as support for both student and professional learning.

Strand 3: Reading – School library programs promote reading as an essential skill for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment which are essential skills for college, career, and community.

Strand 4: Digital Learning – Effective school libraries are a vital hub with equitable access to emerging technologies that provide curated and open access to a variety of print and digital resources. They support best instructional practices and curriculum standards through the integration of resources while assessing the impact on student learning.

Strand 5: Safe and Nurturing Environment – School libraries are essential, safe, and flexible environments and are inviting centers for teaching and learning (my instructional website here).

Strand 6: Leadership – School library program activities show evidence of best practices when modeled by a full-time, certified school librarian in every school supported by trained paraprofessionals.