brainpop braggin’

I was really happy to complete some PD this summer that I had been planning to attend before the world stopped last March. Brainpop has so many great resources for teachers and students beyond fun movies! But we all get stuck on the movies- I mean they are great warm-ups, follow-ups, and in-between content resources! I really recommend the BP professional development as a way to push your knowledge of the site and your understanding of how to differentiate for your students. From make a movie to vocabulary building I am looking at Brainpop in a whole new way this year!

#summerpd hyperdoc of staple resources

I have fomo when it comes to PD in the summer, especially this summer when we are facing the unknown for the 2020-1 school year. I created this blended/remote learning hyperdoc to highlight some staples I’ve used in face to face and online instruction. And even though I have used all of them before, I haven’t taken advantage of ALL of the PD each resource has. Check out the hyperdoc below to see if you are an expert level on these essential parts of teaching life!

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 12.52.28 AM