throw your own comic con! the good, the bad and the batman of it all

IMG_4759I love having a comic con right in the library! The best parts are the great selection of books for students to read and that they feel the school community values their reading choices. Our comic con this year was big, loud, and fun- with room for improvement at the same time. I can’t wait for the next one so that we can make those improvements and turn up the reading.


What worked…the books. We received a nice selection from other schools willing to share their graphic novels with us. This pop up Book Shop allowed students to see titles available at other campuses and new books=lots of reading. The above reading took place in the middle of the loud and crowded comic con event. See any distracted kids?

More graphic novel focused stations at the Con were:
1. Comic Book creation site from Marvel where students could create their own character.
2. Make your own superhero logo to fit a cookie (dress that cookie then eat it). This would be awesome to do with edible ingredients, but we are at school so we drew it out on paper. (pic below)

3. LEGOS! Recreate the superhero emblems with legos, I was amazed at how well students did this in a short amount of time. Look at that green lantern symbol made by one kids in no time at all!

4. Scavenger Hunt- We send kids out with a teacher all over the building to search out clues on finding a super hero picture. This was mostly to get them moving, but we did use a few clues that required research so an iPad was provided. A fabulous teacher helped us create the clues since prepping comic con makes you almost clueless.
5. Comic Con pics with friends! Mrs. Rivera, our photo booth expert created an amazing board for kids to use.

6. Coloring mural- it was amazing! But I didn’t get a picture. Using a black sharpie I drew out superhero symbols and emblems on butcher paper then had a long table for group coloring. It was a nice break, but kids were a little excited so it wasn’t as relaxing as you’d hope.
7. Watching classic comics with kids is funny. They don’t know about the origin of the Flash, or Green Lantern. Find some old classics on youtube and press play for a brain break.

8. Make up a game…any game and slap some superhero effects on it. It gets kids playing and laughing and moving!IMG_4753
So what didn’t work as well?

We numbered students and placed them in groups…but they didn’t stay in the right group or forgot their numbers and made the groups too big. We needed a list or wristbands- some kind of check up system. I haven’t had to do that in years past but this year was different.

It was a little crowded. We wanted one of the events outside, but weather prevented that. It made it a little too loud. If we could have done better on that we would have.

readlearnAnd… another volunteer or two would have really helped things flow better.  Maybe next year! Until then my cape gets a rest and I have time to plan and read some inspiring Wonder Woman graphic novels for my costume and workout inspiration.


What do you think?

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