national crayon day march 31

make your own crayon color (1)In celebration of crayons and coloring (two much appreciated pillars of childhood) I curated a library of read alouds, videos of making crayons, drawing instructions, and more. My favorite part will be students using google drawing to create and name their own custom crayon color. You can see my custom color inventions using google drawing at left. I love all shades of green- but love hearing the names kids come up with for new colors almost as much! This blog would be fun to share, too, it has the list of all current crayon colors, might inspire the name selection. Happy creating! To make a copy of the library below, click the image and go to file- make a copy.

it’s gonna be honeybee day (8.15)

I love bees so I just couldn’t wait until August for World Honeybee Day to indulge in the latest buzz in education (sorry). Everyone is making bitmoji classrooms, but I like outdoor scenes even more, after all we are not taking any field trips anytime soon. There are books read aloud on youtube, a few fun fact videos, some games, and a bit more. If you view the slide in presentation mode you can listen to the Flight of the Bumblebee (which some people find stressful). This will be something fun to either wrap up the summer or start the new year for elementary students. You could certainly add middle school books for this topic instead…What can you add? I am sure to find a few more things before August. To make your own copy of this slide, click on the image.


happy Star Wars day!

My family is full of Star Wars nerds, we watched the original films over and over. We watched them at the $1 movie on weekends, on VHS with popcorn at home, and reluctantly tried the “new” movies as they came out. I don’t think my dad will ever watch all of the newest films, but here’s to hope. To celebrate this year I made this choice board (using Google slides) for elementary students. I spent way too much time on the sticker board from Disney, it is adorable! Click the image for the linked web version. #geekon

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 11.12.49 AM