spiders and such

img_5610In October spooky subjects go well with the mood (and you don’t even have to mention the H word if you can’t). We read Time for Dinner on epic which featured a spider and then followed up with a nonfiction spider selection to discuss their body parts, parts of a food chain, and more. A google slide with predator and prey relationships for students to analyze was a quick wrap before we moved on.

Literary pursuits completed, we turned to singing songs and making finger print art. Because the library visit is not complete without music and MESS. ​If you’re going to sing a spider song, it’s fun to add different adjectives and change itsy bitsy up! Kids love singing about a giant, hairy spider instead, and then making one.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 9.55.41 PM
google slide, click to make a copy


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