donut day bitroom and coloring celebration

There are a couple of days folks celebrate donuts in the US, but any day is a better day with donuts as far I am concerned! This year we observed Donut Day on November 5th. I made this donut bitroom library to celebrate with some great books and links. Then we had to color a bit, too! You can click the bitroom image and use FILE, make a copy to edit this donutfest! Scroll down to see our donut-inspired coloring break mural posted in the hallway at our elementary campus.


gif it over for brush ninja

I have used brush ninja a few times this year to allow kids a chance to make their own animated gifs while illustrating their learning. One week we illustrated vocabulary terms, some students showed a change in a character’s feelings, and others showed natural disasters or events. No matter the task, brush ninja allows an element of creativity in their demonstration of understanding. We can’t get enough! Easy to use and customize, students learn quickly how to change a background, duplicate a slide to show change gradually, and to save to their google drives and share images with peers. Here are a few students samples, all quickly created in one class session.