happy Star Wars day!

My family is full of Star Wars nerds, we watched the original films over and over. We watched them at the $1 movie on weekends, on VHS with popcorn at home, and reluctantly tried the “new” movies as they came out. I don’t think my dad will ever watch all of the newest films, but here’s to hope. To celebrate this year I made this choice board (using Google slides) for elementary students. I spent way too much time on the sticker board from Disney, it is adorable! Click the image for the linked web version. #geekon

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 11.12.49 AM

earth day choice board

Here’s a choice board for elementary students to celebrate upcoming Earth Day! I am a HUGE believer in getting conversation and vocabulary examples out there by using fun clips like the ones below from Peppa, Peep, and the best and original- Sesame Street.  Think a 5th grader won’t watch Sesame Street? I have empirical evidence that says they will (12 years worth). Also, embedding these in your lesson helps language learners and those with language delays get ready for the discussion or assignment in a fun, silly way. There is also the small matter of Peppa being my favorite pig ever.  Happy Earth Day!  (click image for full screen or use this link to share: https://bit.ly/FESEDay)Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 1.32.07 PM

summer free time coloring mural

img_3921We started a little tradition of free time coloring for interested students this year. In my previous school, I made table length murals for “coloring breaks”. Students and teachers liked to sit a spell a bit when the mood struck them. This year I don’t have a spacious library to use so I grabbed a bulletin board and sketched scenes for it throughout the year. This was our summer send-off version. It would be a good way to review topics, too, I added some sink and float images because of a 4th-grade lab I saw that week! A few more doodle examples here and the table version here.