minibooks for miniwriting adventures


This week we are making mini-books on any topic students feel moved to write about. Sometimes writing is a lot more fun when you take it down a notch. Don’t let the tiny size fool you though, this assignment could pack a big punch. Mini-books on the life cycle of a fruit fly? Busy buzzing and learning.  A guide on calculating perimeter will measure up even at a small size. Quick summary on the importance of washing your hands in flu season? The story will stick with you instead of the germs. I can’t wait to see what little libraries happen for classrooms soon. Maybe we will even see some sequels!



everyone should make their own book award seal

Librarians and teachers are always sharing their favorite books, so much so it is hardly necessary to ask one for a recommendation, you will get a title sometime in a conversation. I thought it might be fun for librarians, teachers or students to create their own book award criteria and seal! Canva or google drawings make it very easy to customize and create one to match your personality.  You can be dignified like the Newbery, or get a little crazy with color and graphics after you research how other books are chosen for awards and make your own criteria.

Perhaps each class can do a collaborative book seal for books they enjoy. The library could feature their picks to help others find a great read. It’s nice for students to place their seal of approval on things, why not a book they love?

the ms. p book award

And…we can even make bookmarks with our seals and name some new books that deserve it! Maybe I should start with the old books that do… the possibilities are endless. I hope you see this seal all over bookstores this year, if not maybe on a bookmark or two? Happy reading, book reviewers.

the weather outside is frightful- sweater stuff

hueys-in-the-new-sweaterIt’s frigid outside and the kids are pretty darn tired of it by now. All the joy of Christmas has evaporated so now we have to just be cold and we only have Valentine’s Day to look forward to. Hey, expensive chocolate doesn’t cut it for many of us. To liven up the winter doldrums I always try to read about snowflakes and snowmen– and cozy sweaters aren’t too shabby either. Two books we enjoyed in January were Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters and The Hueys in The New Sweater.  Both are comical readings students enjoy but have plenty of discussion points to draw out some reflective conversations about friendship, fitting it vs. being yourself, and following your passion.


Have students who are followers instead of leaders? The Hueys are all about being the same…until they aren’t. Lester also embraces things he loves and learns a lot about himself when he puts his foot down about his wardrobe.  We enjoyed making our own sweaters that stand out instead of blending in after reading these titles. We made both individual and group paper sweaters, I liked the group ones best.