take your bear to the library (or work, less fun)

img_5348Every year we celebrate the not well known but certainly well loved holiday,  take your bear to work day. We think bears prefer the library to most work spaces, especially since we have a cave built right in the library.  Your bear day works best if you plan ahead with the beary important components of the day; fuzzy friends, food, and comfy seating for a snuggle.  Maybe you should…

Have students create their own invitations to take home! Yes, they should invite their friend to come in their backpack for the day. Writing, illustrating, and helping to organize the day gets students ready for your star activities!

  • Create a cave somewhere so everyone can get cozy and read! We have a LOT of black paper wrapped around our library story corner and it’s the perfect cave space.
  • Ask for teachers to bring a few extra bears in case someone forgets one.
  • Make fun bear snacks! We used fruit bears would actually eat, but dressed it up with marshmallows and a little bit of trail mix ins. b1-e1508373721451.jpg
  • Read bear books, bear books, and more bear books… We have some great fiction and non fiction to choose from so that everyone has a choice. We have to start with We’re Going on a Bear Hunt of course!
  • Make something! Bear crafts are fun all year, but with a  fuzzy friend beside you they are the best.


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