back to school bitroom

I took a couple of months off from creating these and found out something… I still like making them and I am not as fast after that time off! I really enjoyed a lot of these titles and some were new to me. Some vintage Sesame Street was needed- the Raise Your Hand song will be played in my lessons. A lot. Happy Back to School, friends.

Click the image to make a copy to edit as you like.

april is frog month

Not to discard the importance of April as Poetry and Library Month, I have loved celebrating frog month for years! In this collection of frog resources you will find the usual read alouds, but also some vintage Sesame Street videos on frogs and tadpoles, drawings, crafts, and poems- and best of all frog sounds! So many to entertain and engage little froglets in your room. To edit this file make a copy of your own!

april poetry month – almost here!

I LOVE poetry month. Every year I find a new way to enjoy creating poetry pieces with kids. This year we are beginning in a comfortable spot- another bitmoji room. They’ve become my starting point for all kinds of work, so why not poetry? You will find the usual book read alouds here, but you will also find some google docs and slides that allow you to scaffold poetry writing and celebrations! Using a haiku doc everyone can be a haiku expert- for inspiration read Guyku from the room below! To edit this room with your own bitmoji, click on the image below and use FILE –make a copy. To see some other poetry favorites I’ve posted click the poetry tag! Happy poetry reading, writing, and celebration, friends.