april poetry month – almost here!

I LOVE poetry month. Every year I find a new way to enjoy creating poetry pieces with kids. This year we are beginning in a comfortable spot- another bitmoji room. They’ve become my starting point for all kinds of work, so why not poetry? You will find the usual book read alouds here, but you will also find some google docs and slides that allow you to scaffold poetry writing and celebrations! Using a haiku doc everyone can be a haiku expert- for inspiration read Guyku from the room below! To edit this room with your own bitmoji, click on the image below and use FILE –make a copy. To see some other poetry favorites I’ve posted click the poetry tag! Happy poetry reading, writing, and celebration, friends.

make a menu and a food themed bitmoji room

I was lucky enough to visit a second grade classroom this week to share a bitmoji food themed library I curated. It is a WONDERFUL class, because the teacher is ALWAYS on. I do not think she stops, sits down, or rests until the kids are home for the summer. Mrs. H. allowed me some time to share the room with the kids and to show them examples of restaurant menus that were kid friendly (lots to find with any google image search). They even had some good suggestions of books I should have added to the room!

We looked at the elements of design of these menus and then we had some free drawing time to illustrate a menu of their own featuring their favorite foods (some from the titles they choose to read first). Visit http://bit.ly/bgbsfoodie and make your own copy to edit as you like.

december bitmoji rooms and sweater fun

I have to admit that I enjoy making winter bitmoji rooms the MOST. I mean, I actually looked forward to editing my bitmoji’s outfit for winter weather. I really need a vacation in real winter weather! Click on the image to get a copy of the google slide that you can use to make your own copy and edit. Add these to Schoology, share for extension time…whatever works for you! I also have a google drawing file you can pair with the Sweater Slide to have students practice using the shape tool to create a sweater design. Each room has links to read alouds, themed poems, drawing activities and more!