5 ways to rock that google dino AR

At our house the google AR animals were already a hit for spring. But then- it got bigger. Dinosaurs! Seriously- I have a nine year old who is practically a paleontologist without the expensive degree. I can’t wait to use these great animal AR opportunities with kids at school (whenever that can happen again…) So until then I am asking my own kids to try these ideas out as part of our fight against summer slide. This was our first shot with the dinosaur, I should have have turned to landscape but he was SO tall!

*Use the pictures as a story starter! Take that picture and use it as part of a story map. What can you already label for the story? The characters? The setting? The problem? A goal? So much of the story map could already be covered in this image, now I have PLENTY to write about.

*Research questions or base for a KWL chart. Now that you are standing next to a life size octopus, what questions do you have about it? This is the want to learn section of your KWL chart. Next stop- quality research sources to help you!

*Always wanted a dog? Use the image to help you write a persuasive letter or a poem to convince mom it’s time to adopt one! Need some inspiration for a persuasive letter? The picture book favorite I Wanna Iguana will get you ready to write.

*Measure and compare! When I saw my son standing next to the giant panda, I remembered a dinosaur footprint comparison I had done in the library a few years ago.

Find the measurement of a body part of the animal vs. yours! Feet, teeth, and hands are easy to draw and compare (and get in that measurement practice, too).


*Get some artspiration from the photo- find art online of the animal you chose and create a piece of art showing the best feature! Focus in on the tiger’s eye, the panda’s smile, and draw or paint. Reading a book like Whose Eyes are These? is a great way to focus on one significant detail at a time as you illustrate.

Tiger Eye by Lis Zadravec

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