talk like a pirate day, you scallywag!

Since the inception of this day by a couple of crazy friends the library world has loved talking like a pirate. Where better to get your pirate speech flowing than a place that embraces the pirate as a historical figure and fictional villain?  September 19th is this year’s TLAP Day! (Which already worries me- will next year’s fall on a weekend? What will I do?) But let’s focus on this year’s celebration, shall we? In addition to reading some fabulous pirate stories you may want to walk the plank to these sites and ideas. Krispy Kreme will give you a dozen free donuts if you dress up, please feel free to bring a free one to the library. In a napkin.

Mrs. Jeffries gets in the spirit and talks about our booty.

Sid the Science Kid Pirate song & story

Read a free pirate book from amazon! This is a choose your adventure-ish book, if you have an amazon account “buy” it and read it in the amazon cloud for free, sharing with your kids with the projector. Totally rocks!

Pirate Jokes curated by a librarian

Pirate math on youtube!

Just Dance for Kids pirate moves, grooves and words

Pirate alphabet song, great pirate words!  O is for Octopus in pirate speak.

Talk Like a Pirate another pirate speak song…

Silly Pirate Song, youtube

Pirate math inspiration

PreK- K pirate monkeys puppet show

How to dress like a pirate? Shop Goodwill. No time? Wear jeans & roll them. Try stripes, a bandanna, a vest, a white shirt (belted even better), boots are also a good option but they were often barefoot so…have fun and wear 80’s eyeliner. If Johnny Depp can rock it so can you.

Yours in high seas speak,

Pirate Perkins

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