gif it over for brush ninja

I have used brush ninja a few times this year to allow kids a chance to make their own animated gifs while illustrating their learning. One week we illustrated vocabulary terms, some students showed a change in a character’s feelings, and others showed natural disasters or events. No matter the task, brush ninja allows an element of creativity in their demonstration of understanding. We can’t get enough! Easy to use and customize, students learn quickly how to change a background, duplicate a slide to show change gradually, and to save to their google drives and share images with peers. Here are a few students samples, all quickly created in one class session.

three bitmoji rooms for November

November brings the usual Thanksgiving reading and activities, but I decided to celebrate with three different bitmoji rooms to spread out the theme goodness. This week is Polar Bear Week, so first a Polar Bear reading room! ( There are even polar bear noises, which may be my favorite part of the room. I also made a room to celebrate CANDY because who doesn’t have buckets of the stuff the week after Halloween? And then there’s the Thanksgiving and friendship reading room ( I always include both because some families don’t have big Thanksgiving celebrations.

a dinosaur room – bitmoji classroom frenzy

images (3)I have to admit I wasn’t super excited about building the actual classrooms until I found the subject I wanted to celebrate. I really am more about finding the books and the activities, I get lost in that and then am impatient with the room building! But so many generous teachers are sharing furniture and background clipart it made it easy to pull together a dino room for my #1 dino fan (my own child). If you’d like a copy click here.

I have added songs, poems, and how to draw activities along with books read aloud on youtube and some from  I LOVE Epic books because there are so many to choose from on all levels and even read alouds for students who need support. If you have a free account as a teacher you can link directly to titles, your student will just need to log in with the class code to go directly to the books.