backyard nature journal and educreations

This year more than ever I am looking with a nervous eye at the Summer Slide effect. To keep learning interesting we mix in lots of activities that can employ language skills, but aren’t worksheets (although I am totally on board with a worksheet now and then because I am a tired working parent). Educreations had a generous free upgrade this year for teachers during the school shutdown, so we used it at home, too.

Keeping things educational in quarantine wasn’t so bad when we used our own backyard and a homemade journal to record observations of animals and plants all around us. When the boys found a critter to research we relied on Capstone, Epic and other kid friendly research sources to annotate our drawings with new learning. Then we tried out educreations to share our learning with friends. Click on the image to see/hear an example. Working on ideas for the next project now…

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 1.59.52 PM

earth day choice board

Here’s a choice board for elementary students to celebrate upcoming Earth Day! I am a HUGE believer in getting conversation and vocabulary examples out there by using fun clips like the ones below from Peppa, Peep, and the best and original- Sesame Street.  Think a 5th grader won’t watch Sesame Street? I have empirical evidence that says they will (12 years worth). Also, embedding these in your lesson helps language learners and those with language delays get ready for the discussion or assignment in a fun, silly way. There is also the small matter of Peppa being my favorite pig ever.  Happy Earth Day!  (click image for full screen or use this link to share: Shot 2020-04-17 at 1.32.07 PM

pbl and gsuite

I am presenting at a school district conference this month on the ways I include gsuite in Project Based Learning (PBL) planning.  We are a gsuite district, so students are at varying levels of comfort with creating in gsuite depending upon grade level and campus-level support. My presentation will focus on using google slides as a basis to curate PBL evidence of learning and products. Click image to view slides.

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