want to make your own little movie with no work?

I like making gifs. I know that’s a little silly to admit, but sometimes the mood just strikes you. In fact, I did one for our birth announcement for our second son a couple of years ago! I used makeagif for that, but truth be told you can find some inappropriate gifs on there. I decided to try a few freebies to see what was new in the gif making world on the web. Here’s some I liked. My photos weren’t sharp to begin with because of the movement but the gif making turns them grainier too. I apologize if you get dizzy, I didn’t slow the gifs down much.  I love gifs in the fall! Moving leaves and pumpkins…so fun. But you could also use your vacation photos for a back to school introduction, make one for a class ice breaker activity in small groups, use it show how to wash hands neatly… so many choices. So little time. Any gif making you’ll be doing? Let me know if I can help.

Gif Maker is super easy to use, and should you like to add music from you tube you can! This was my favorite because it was clean and easy to use and allowed for your preferred sizing.

I used the same pictures for the next gifs on two different sites. Picasion.com is easy to use too, but this is the maximum gif size available and your pictures need to be exactly the same to avoid this annoying bar at the bottom.

Imgflip.com has a limited size for your gifs with a free account, but you can use either video or photos and can add text. There are only three text fonts available but you can pick colors to match your gif.

What do you think?

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