rain, rain, don’t go away until we run out of books

9780805087765-in06The forecast keeps calling for rain, so instead of being sad about not going out, we stay in and read more about cloudy days and how the rain helps us! Our most motivational rain story has been Cloudette, a cheerful little cloud who needs to find her niche to make a change in the world.  Before reading Cloudette we reviewed the water cycle by reading a Capstone interactive ebook and then demonstrated evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Cloudette wiggles her rainfall out and so did we as we worked in teams of three to show the water cycle! We also had fun blowing storm clouds and a few cloudettes around using straws and energy you have if you haven’t had consistent outside recess recently.





who eats worms for lunch? story & signs


This week we enjoyed a book about eating different things for lunch. If you were a cow, you would prefer grass- but what if you were a mouse instead? Or a cat?

Worms for Lunch is a book that grabs little readers’ attention with fun pictures and a list of animals and foods that listeners can easily sign, spell, and illustrate.

5 fun things to do with Worms for Lunch 

  • Sign all of the food and animals (cheese, milk, cows, birds…easy and fun to learn ASL)
  • Make tiny worm chains and let them wiggle.
  • Set the table with large butcher paper and illustrate your plate!


  • Sing songs about food! I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas was our favorite!
  • Learn more about WORMS, obviously! Check your library for some great info on worms and watch some in the cool clip below!





collage bookmarks for back to the library month

img_4496​Welcoming students for the past two weeks has included a little old fashioned magazine collage. We made bookmarks showing some of our favorite things to read. I also encouraged them to add things they might want to read about this year.  We used old magazines, crayons and and glue. (Glitter would have been nice, but not nice to our books so alas, we skipped it)

Let’s see if we can make these last enough to use them to guide our choices as we browse for new books this month!