coloring wall for the holidays

I’ve been making themed coloring murals for a few years now, and I still get a huge kick out of watching kids and adults stop in for a coloring brain break. This year’s holiday one was a bit longer than usual. I have learned to add more small coloring pieces that are LOWer down on the mural for the smaller friends who stop by. And while I have to calm my inner perfectionism when someone colors Santa’s suit pink, the whole thing is quite a mindful, calming practice if done intentionally. Happy coloring.

make a menu and a food themed bitmoji room

I was lucky enough to visit a second grade classroom this week to share a bitmoji food themed library I curated. It is a WONDERFUL class, because the teacher is ALWAYS on. I do not think she stops, sits down, or rests until the kids are home for the summer. Mrs. H. allowed me some time to share the room with the kids and to show them examples of restaurant menus that were kid friendly (lots to find with any google image search). They even had some good suggestions of books I should have added to the room!

We looked at the elements of design of these menus and then we had some free drawing time to illustrate a menu of their own featuring their favorite foods (some from the titles they choose to read first). Visit and make your own copy to edit as you like.

rain, rain, don’t go away until we run out of books

9780805087765-in06The forecast keeps calling for rain, so instead of being sad about not going out, we stay in and read more about cloudy days and how the rain helps us! Our most motivational rain story has been Cloudette, a cheerful little cloud who needs to find her niche to make a change in the world.  Before reading Cloudette we reviewed the water cycle by reading a Capstone interactive ebook and then demonstrated evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Cloudette wiggles her rainfall out and so did we as we worked in teams of three to show the water cycle! We also had fun blowing storm clouds and a few cloudettes around using straws and energy you have if you haven’t had consistent outside recess recently.