Summer reading goals

My summer reading goals are to find new books I love while rereading a few favorites…that’s it. Sometimes I set a number goal for myself for the year, but this summer I have enjoyed reading paper and electronic books just for the fun of it because isn’t that a reward in itself? Here are some titles that I’ve read so far from our district libraries, some are adult fiction and some are available on Overdrive.  If you are a student or staff member who needs help logging into overdrive please email me!

My favorite author would be hard to pinpoint, but Sir Terry Pratchett is definitely in the top five. I love his sense of humor, witty commentary, and the Amazing Discworld Multiverse he created. This summer I am reading a few of his novels I missed including Guards, Guards.  I’ve carried three paperback books around by Pratchett to have something to read wherever I go this month. We have lots of Pratchett in the district including his amazing Tiffany Aching series.  



PP cover.indd

Paranormal Properties– I love a spooky ghost story! Available on Overdrive in our district check out Jake’s life as a junior paranormal investigator.


If you liked Alice in Wonderland this YA novel by a librarian will make you look at everything from flowers to insects in a new light! Available in Overdrive for staff, click on the book cover for a summary.


Did you already see the movie? Available in Overdrive for staff, a moving tribute to moving through grief and exploration of wilderness. I’ve waited to see the movie because…books first always! Click on the book cover for an Amazon review.

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