fun with words- poetry month

This April we’ve covered lots of poetry as we celebrate Poetry Month and gear up for Poem in Your Pocket Day. Poetry is read and celebrated all month but we did have extra fun reading and writing a few of our favorites.  We’ve been working on a “Poetry Means to Me” display all month. Students have written poems and reasons why poetry is always a great read.


We read and created haikus, some of us even using a google doc to brainstorm and write. The “Delicious Donut” poem below was written as a class while we were practicing haiku syllable counting and using the doc as a guide.


Blackout poetry, where you take a page and mark out all words except those that might make an interesting poem of sorts, is always fun with discarded books. But it’s also interesting to do with a google slide show so we can present to our friends. Scan one page from a favorite book and you are ready to go! Here’s a page from The Lightning Thief blacked out using google slides.

tumblr_inline_msa3x4ZJGN1qz4rgp  Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 8.21.34 PM


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