when all the answers lead to too many questions (review)

img_3996Ironically, when I wanted to jot some notes about this book for my review, my pencil lead was broken. Pencils, and the search for them are exactly how Ava finds the most important writing implement of her life. As she is preparing for school and a math test, Ava finds a blue pencil in her junk drawer at home. She grabs it for her looming test not knowing that the pencil holds to answers to almost every question she might have. But even pencils with answers can’t last forever. As she overuses the pencil she wears down both the tip and the illusion that she will be able to always find the answer she needs. Librarians and people who love them will find this book a funny surprise.
Here’s my sketch review of All the Answers, a take off on sketchnotes. A  far more interesting book summary for both the writer and the reader if you ask me (or a blue pencil).
I can’t wait to booktalk this book and have students make a list of the questions they’d ask a pencil that knows all of the answers!

What do you think?

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