reflections on a hobbit hole office

IMG_8830I had to move into a closet last week. I’ve been totally and completely spoiled- I know it. I have had large spaces that have allowed me to hoard– collect items for any possible occasion. Need a pirate hat for Talk Like a Pirate Day, a book on how to build a dinosaur from legos, or a Harry Potter scarf just because? I’m your gal. But this may have to stop…I am now assigned to a closet (not hyperbole, a computer lab closet).  I tried to channel my inner Marie Kondo and work through all of the boxes I hastily packed and I have made progress. Luckily I do have a storage option for now to continue purging.  I’ve accepted that hobbit sized offices can still have a lot of color, personality and have room for old puppets the muggles find creepy. But more than two people in here makes me want to bolt. I may have touched up the paint for the first time in a decade- or not- because painting by anyone other than official painting staff is not allowed. Ahem. But I will say new paint makes anything feel new and clean! So if you had to do some painting at nigh in order to make yourself a little cheerier I would encourage you to get paint that doesn’t smell and give you away and to match the old paint exactly. Here’s to a new start for 2020 in new digs, can’t wait to use the 23 cute notebooks I bought from the back to school section in Target!


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