Summer send off, reading goals met

The library appreciates all of the readers who completed their hourly reading goals this year to earn tickets for summer fun at amusement parks. We made summer sunglasses, chalked the walk in front of the school, and treated ourselves to a few snacks. We hope the summer warm up carries them to their next reading goals and the public library’s summer reading programs.


snowflakes in the library

We had an extended snowflake unit this winter that included a biography of Wilson Bentley, the snowflake man, and studying the science and structure of snowflakes. Each student and faculty member was invited to create their own flake and help us decorate the library with them! Every flake had the name of the person who made it and the title of a good book they recommended.



when a book has been loved too much

I am a book hoarder collector with collections from my childhood, college classes, and lately as a parent. Sometimes those books aren’t as lovely as I’d like. When I am not quite ready to part with a falling apart or ugly book I have taken to covering it with paper or fabric. Thicker wrapping paper is my favorite, it isn’t too thick to fold but makes a sturdy cover for me to use, not just keep on the shelf.  For some of my older hardback books with damaged spines I used a neutral fabric and it worked just as well. I can also keep some favorites in any room and match them to fabrics there if I choose. Have you tried wrapping up your ugly books?