hearty crayons because we heart all things coloring

Everyone has their own way to melt and reuse crayons, even Martha. My son and I enjoyed making these for friends this month so much that we made a few batches for his official class party and some to give away as prizes in the library. (I have  Mrs. Morris to thank for the idea and loan of the great pan) After some experimentation we came up with a few of our own twists on this easy craft. See our little crayon heart tips below, happy coloring!

Getting the paper off the crayons can be annoying. They come off of Crayola brand crayons the easiest, and soaking them in a bit of water helps too. Some of the hearts have defined layers, to achieve that effect allow the first layer to melt then add more crayons on top and bake longer.

1. Printed “labels” so after all of the fuss of the big day they remember who gave them a heart. This was applied with a tiny drop of glue versus #3 which was melted on.

2. Glitter will coalesce in most instances unless you stir it in early. I added it on top and this is the form it took.

3. When they are cooling place your label on and the wax will adhere to the paper, no glue or effort to get them to stick.


let’s make a bookmark and other things

This month was busy with examining pumpkins, coloring leaf booklets and learning signs for lots of fall things.  Some American Sign Language signs we practiced while reading books were leaves, fall colors, rake, pile, jump, Happy Halloween, and more! Ask your student to show you one of these signs.

Here’s an example of the bookmarks we made after we checked out books. Tying the tassel is everyone’s favorite part.