december bitmoji rooms and sweater fun

I have to admit that I enjoy making winter bitmoji rooms the MOST. I mean, I actually looked forward to editing my bitmoji’s outfit for winter weather. I really need a vacation in real winter weather! Click on the image to get a copy of the google slide that you can use to make your own copy and edit. Add these to Schoology, share for extension time…whatever works for you! I also have a google drawing file you can pair with the Sweater Slide to have students practice using the shape tool to create a sweater design. Each room has links to read alouds, themed poems, drawing activities and more!

three bitmoji rooms for November

November brings the usual Thanksgiving reading and activities, but I decided to celebrate with three different bitmoji rooms to spread out the theme goodness. This week is Polar Bear Week, so first a Polar Bear reading room! ( There are even polar bear noises, which may be my favorite part of the room. I also made a room to celebrate CANDY because who doesn’t have buckets of the stuff the week after Halloween? And then there’s the Thanksgiving and friendship reading room ( I always include both because some families don’t have big Thanksgiving celebrations.

always batty in the fall

Fall is the perfect time to study and appreciate the most amazing flying mammal, bats! This collection has both fiction and nonfiction read alouds, songs, drawing activities, and more. Some upper elementary educators don’t embrace picture books quite as much as I do- but these books may not be ones your students would hear without your help. They are picking more mature/challenging books- but these still have great vocabulary and curriculum connections! Push picture books through middle school! #picturebookpusher

Make a copy of the batty class @