summertime books and jams

Vacations aren’t a given for all kids, especially this year. But I think we can all dream about what we would like to do this summer – and these jamboards are meant to get them planning for the vaca they’d like to take after they read a bit from this bitlibrary about summer. First, a jam to plan out the vacation top items, then they can use the pictures to have a friend guess where they are going. Need a writing prompt? Create a postcard on the jam telling about the best day on vacation! Here’s my example jam to get the vaca clues started.

pizza and pasta make for yummy work

I spotted a jamboard on my internet travels that led me to building this bitlibrary on pizza and pasta. I also enjoyed making a jamboard based on that inspirational first one for my own students to design and slice up a pizza pie! I can’t wait for the day we get to have pizza parties again- who would have thought I’d miss those messy food fests? To edit for your own use make a copy from the file menu drop down. Celebrate the little things (or the size large mushroom pepperoni things).

april is frog month

Not to discard the importance of April as Poetry and Library Month, I have loved celebrating frog month for years! In this collection of frog resources you will find the usual read alouds, but also some vintage Sesame Street videos on frogs and tadpoles, drawings, crafts, and poems- and best of all frog sounds! So many to entertain and engage little froglets in your room. To edit this file make a copy of your own!