national crayon day march 31

make your own crayon color (1)In celebration of crayons and coloring (two much appreciated pillars of childhood) I curated a library of read alouds, videos of making crayons, drawing instructions, and more. My favorite part will be students using google drawing to create and name their own custom crayon color. You can see my custom color inventions using google drawing at left. I love all shades of green- but love hearing the names kids come up with for new colors almost as much! This blog would be fun to share, too, it has the list of all current crayon colors, might inspire the name selection. Happy creating! To make a copy of the library below, click the image and go to file- make a copy.

make a menu and a food themed bitmoji room

I was lucky enough to visit a second grade classroom this week to share a bitmoji food themed library I curated. It is a WONDERFUL class, because the teacher is ALWAYS on. I do not think she stops, sits down, or rests until the kids are home for the summer. Mrs. H. allowed me some time to share the room with the kids and to show them examples of restaurant menus that were kid friendly (lots to find with any google image search). They even had some good suggestions of books I should have added to the room!

We looked at the elements of design of these menus and then we had some free drawing time to illustrate a menu of their own featuring their favorite foods (some from the titles they choose to read first). Visit and make your own copy to edit as you like.

bitrooms continued- valentine and friendship – the water cycle

As a teacher-librarian I always celebrated friendship and Valentine’s Day together. This allowed a greater variety of books to read aloud with my students without rereading a Valentine favorite the classroom teacher was already covering in class. This year is so different, so the bitmoji virtual classroom had to rise to meet the challenges! Here’s a combined friendship and Valentine themed room with books, crafts and more.

But wait, there’s more! You can click on the water themed room for a water cycle review through fiction and nonfiction links.