some mysteries of the universe in chapters (review)

9780763694531Cody and the Mysteries of the Universe– a chapter book that offers a lot of story in a smaller package, and new to our library! Cody is a thoughtful girl, but sometimes she feels her family and friends don’t think she’s thoughtful enough (maybe too much action instead). But Cody wonders about a lot of things she sees and hears…and some of them cause a little bit of worry- for her friends, her family, and even the new kids she initially feared. ¬†The Meen family can make quite a few kids scared… Cody and her best friend find that mysteries are the most satisfying to solve when they end in music and new connections. ¬†Another bonus? This is one in a series for those who prefer series chapter books as transition from picture book fiction. (Great for grades 2-5)

Sketch review…codyandmysteries

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