on talk like a pirate day, we are the scourge of the school

img_4962For years we’ve celebrated the always interesting holiday Talk Like a Pirate Day.  And how the celebration has grown in our school!  Our first year was a surprise event, students left their cars and buses to find a campus full of adults in pirate gear. Those adults kept speaking in lyrical nonsense and what a fun day it was.  After a few years students wanted in on the dress up fun, and now September 19th means fancy dress for all.  The best part of the day is always the tiniest pirates and their enthusiastic depiction of pirate hooks, sneers, and eye patches!

Pirate Day fun includes…

ASL for "pirate"

  • Sing sea chanteys! Write your own to the tune of Popeye the Sailor Man!
  • Practice your “Arghhhh” and whoever does it best gets to be captain for a game of Captain Says (but orders must be bellowed in pirate speak)
  • Build a pirate ship or sword using tangrams!


  • Create a Pirate ABC just like this fun picture book Twenty Six Pirates
  • Make a map…and go on a treasure hunt. We’ve planted clues across the campus, in the library… lots of fun!
  • Always, always look for opportunities to work in an “Aye, Aye!”



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