who eats worms for lunch? story & signs


This week we enjoyed a book about eating different things for lunch. If you were a cow, you would prefer grass- but what if you were a mouse instead? Or a cat?

Worms for Lunch is a book that grabs little readers’ attention with fun pictures and a list of animals and foods that listeners can easily sign, spell, and illustrate.

5 fun things to do with Worms for Lunch 

  • Sign all of the food and animals (cheese, milk, cows, birds…easy and fun to learn ASL)
  • Make tiny worm chains and let them wiggle.
  • Set the table with large butcher paper and illustrate your plate!


  • Sing songs about food! I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas was our favorite!
  • Learn more about WORMS, obviously! Check your library for some great info on worms and watch some in the cool clip below!





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