books, shelves, and random toys

I have a well loved personal library for myself and one for my kids, but both are far too full lately. I decided to clean out a bit and with the spruce up came an idea for some bookends. Part of the fun in making something new is to do it with materials you already have. We have so many plastic animals that I thought I’d borrow a few for a new color and place to hang out. The bookends are empty boxes from our pantry wrapped in some colorful wrapping paper. If your books are too heavy you might want to fill the boxes with sand or a rock or two, we have a load so we did. I also reorganized a bit by size though I know little hands will be pulling them several ways. The animals were painted with craft paint, sealed, then hot glued to the top but can come off easily when we change things. What are you sprucing up this week?



just wrap any boxes you feel are a good fit!


What do you think?

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