it’s almost time for a new school year!

After neglecting writing in this space (and writing in a few others) I am ready to begin a new school year here! What was your summer reading list like?

I read lots of boring adult books about picking paint colors for some redecorating projects and a great organizing book that helped me clean my closet. I read some exciting YA books to keep up with what’s new there and some picture books I can’t wait to share with students this fall. Come back and see me soon so I can share some titles and more with you! Here’s our newly organized bookshelf at home. It looks this way most of the time…but not always. I always like a good pirate yarn and I found that The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates is a good series to try if you like them too.


And here’s one of our summer projects to keep us busy and out of the heat when we weren’t in the public library. Maybe we should make a back to school one this weekend!

we made Father’s Day shirts!

What do you think?

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