10 reasons everyone should go to a legofest at least once

img_3753The Lego Brickfest was in town this weekend, and though I really hate traffic, paying at a parking garage, and dodging cars on busy city streets,  I went.  Though I am a curmudgeonly traveler, this was a can’t miss event.

Brickfest is a great opportunity to show your littles that they are never too old to create something cool with tiny pieces of plastic that really hurt when stepped on. We had a blast and I would recommend it as a fun family learning opportunity.

10 reasons to attend a festival o’ legos

10.  There will be a sea of bricks to sit in. Or perhaps you can be adult and allow your child to sit in the midst of it instead of you wading in. Either way, totally cool experience you cannot replicate. Unless you are Oprah or something. How many blue bricks are in there?


9. Geek networking. I talked shop with “lego instructors”. Yep, that’s a job. And they have all kinds of neat learning opportunities ready to teach all ages.

8. Build a lego car and RACE it. This could get all science-y with talk of velocity and streamlining, or you could just build the coolest car and not care if it wins.

7.  Everyone is pretty nice and they share. I don’t know if there were some competitive areas I missed but there were many places to build collaboratively and kids were very kind to each other. We did go at a down time instead of peak.

6. You do know those little lego kits are really hard to put together, right? For my way of thinking, if my kid wants to read those tedious directions and put together a lego speedboat he should get math credit or something.

5. Entertainment that involves eye-hand coordination, is indoors, and isn’t a contact sport. Those poor baseball moms who’ve been sitting outside for practices should be all over this.

4. Training for the lego challenges you are going to come up with.

3.  People who are crazy enough to make Lego masterpieces like a Van Gogh painting will display them. You can say you spent the weekend seeing “art” and sound very cultured!


2. Brickfest is so big you should strap on that fitbit and get those steps in!  Wear sneakers, carry a water bottle, and a bring a snack keep up your strength. Wait until you tally those steps, you will feel like a track star.

And the #1 Reason to hit the brickfest is…

Guaranteed nap for everyone.  (Except moms, you never get one, right?)img_3752-e1501451965818.jpg

What do you think?

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