the best cause and effect book evah…

mypicturesafterthestorm_cover_hr-584x600Cause and effect lessons can be a bit predictable and dull for students who have heard it all before. But not with this book. We LOVED My Pictures After the Storm. I never mentioned cause and effect while reading this book and students had a ball discussing that concept anyway. Of course the mosquito was the cause of the sudden giant red bumps on his face… of course Santa terrified the boy into running away…on and on with each set of pictures. And only when we were done did I ask, ¨What kind of book would your teacher say this is?” Answers included before and after, what makes a change, and lo and behold…cause and effect. The power of picture books is amazing!

We also wrote and drew our own set of MY PICTURES, and they were quite entertaining while being true to the spirit and concept of the book.




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